How We Can Help You

With over 25 years serving people, we understand the challenges and constraints of a Job Search and the difficulty in finding Useful Resources. In these sections you will find articles, links and materials to support you on your JOURNEY, both professional and personal. Remember, everything provided by Joseph’s People is 100% free. You will never be asked to pay for our services.



My Journey

My Journey .. Developed by field experts. From the day you start your job hunt to the day you secure that new one. It is your path to a new and better life.

Job Search

In this section you will find handbooks, articles and specific Job Search resources to help you with your successful Journey. We update this, so visit often and see what has been added.


Networking is a subject much talked about, but little understood and poorly carried out. In this section Tom Rhoads, Executive Consultant will show you how to network.

Joseph's People Community

We provide a vast array of communities and resources to help you on your job search journey, including the Blue Resource Guide

Focused on God

We endeavor to help you with kindness, comfort and charity. We are nondenominational, which means we are not limited to a particular religious group. ALL ARE WELCOME


In this section you will find articles about interviewing. Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you do that, the more comfortable and confident you will become.

Conversations with Kurt Walser - Audio

Anyone who is un/underemployed will find Kurt’s wisdom, insights and advice an amazing benefit. Each of these audios are about 15 minutes long.


All religions have prayers because prayer provides us with comfort and clarity. They nourish our soul and connect us with God. In this section you will find prayers members have found helpful.

Keeping Fit

Advice from Lucy Hornstein, M.D. on how to maintain your physical health during your Journey. Staying healthy is more important than you may realize.

We regularly add to the collection of resources. To share something you think we should add, please contact us.Submit