Be an Advocate

The Job Crisis

The loss of a job or having to take part-time lower level employment affects every person in a family. It creates profound stress. Recovering from such a loss takes a very long time. Joseph’s People exists to help make this transition just that little bit easier.

A 2017 survey by PayScale found that roughly 46%  of American workers identify themselves as Underemployed; defined as having a part-time job but wanting a full-time job, or holding a job that doesn’t require or utilize your education, experience or training.

A new NPR poll, 2018 finds that across all industries and at all professional levels, 1 in 5 jobs in America are held by a worker under contract. These are jobs without the constraints, or benefits of full-time employment.

Tell people about Joseph’s People

Joseph’s People exists to serve un/underemployed people. We exist for absolutely NO other reason. And best of all, we are entirely FREE. So let others know that we are available to help them if they are in transition. Offer to make a presentation about Joseph’s People to an organization you belong to, or ask for a Joseph’s People speaker to come and speak.

Help provide jobs

Tell business owners we have excellent people they can hire. We have the active Job Leads Program to find business owners the person they have been seeking. Again, this is entirely FREE. No fees, no cost to an employer. That is a very attractive opportunity. Employers can submit a job through our SUBMIT A JOB area on this web page.

Support a local Chapter

Find a Chapter near you. Offer some help to the Chapter and their members (volunteer, become a speaker, and make presentations to others about Joseph’s People). Every tiny bit helps. Ask your Church, Parish, Synagogue or Mosque to help sponsor a Joseph’s People Chapter or support an existing Chapter. Make a donation of gas/food cards or a check to our heating fund. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Take action with Joseph’s People

Ask your government representatives to change the systems, policies, attitudes and institutional behaviors that lead to unemployment and underemployment. Send a message to your Pennsylvania legislator. Find your legislator