A Letter from Our President

I have been asked; “How is Joseph’s People different from all the other support groups which help un and underemployed people?”

Here are some of the most important reasons:

First; Joseph’s People has a solid history of service. Since 1995, we have provided job search guidance and support to the unemployed and underemployed from throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region.
Second; There will NEVER be a fee for anyone to receive benefit from the services of Joseph’s People.
Third; Joseph’s People is blessed to have a large staff of impassioned volunteers who are renowned for their proficiency within the job search arena. Our volunteers are leaders within fields which include; Career Coaching and Guidance, Human Resources, Resume Writing, and Staffing. Our volunteers share their expertise through designing and delivering strategic programs which educate and motivate our members to realize their desired level of employment. Through the Joseph’s People HELP LINE (610-873-7117), job search assistance is never more than a phone call away.

It is the Joseph’s People mission to extend our assistance to job seekers well beyond sharing the mechanics of the job search process. We want to make sure that each of our members has housing, food and medical care while they are on the road back to employment. If we have a member in need of something, we try our best to help them; it could be a computer to do job searches, eyeglasses, or being able to pay their heating bill.

We are an ecumenical support mission for workers in job transition. All are welcome.

We exist to serve and for no other reason. It’s that simple. So, reach out to us. Email a chapter leader and have a chat.

Our prayers and support are always with you.

To your continued success,

Ernie Russom, President
Joseph’s People