All of our work in Joseph’s People is done entirely by volunteers. We have no Director and no paid staff of any kind. Our Chapters are supported by the generosity of individual volunteers and the church or parish they reside in.

Although our needs are simple, we can use your help financially. We provide food and gas cards to help people who may have entirely exhausted their unemployment and savings. In the winter, we make one-time $300 payments to families to help them keep the heat on in their homes. Being un/underemployed in these times is truly a deep and deadly hardship.

Here are some ways you can help us financially:

Send us a direct Donation:

  • Joseph’s People, c/o St. Joseph’s Church 332 Manor Ave, Downingtown, PA 19335
  • Send a $50 gift card, a food store or WaWa or another gas company.
  • Send a check designated for our food/gas program.
  • Make a check out to Joseph’s People Utility Fund.

Work with your Parish or Church to Support us.

  • Designate Joseph’s People to receive funds from the Poor Box, or similar programs.
  • Put Joseph’s People on the “Giving Tree” at Christmas. Your church and/or parish has many ways to help people. Ask them to do that through Joseph’s People.

Does your employer have a matching program or participates in the United Way? If so, you can designate Joseph’s People through your Donor Choice Program United Way

  • United Way of Chester County (no code assigned) 610-429-9400
  • United Way of Delaware (code #8444) 302-573-3743
  • United Way of SE PA (code #10862) 215-665-2583

Joseph’s People, Ltd. is a chartered IRS 501c (3 ) and a PA Non-profit 501