Almost 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. Adjust your job search so you are spending the majority of your time networking.

Joseph’s People chapters often hold sessions on networking. And “My Journey,” the booklet available for free at Joseph’s People meetings, outlines some key strategies for networking. Here are a few:

  • Make sure to always have a professional business card with your current contact information.
  • Have a 60-second intro (also known as an “elevator speech”) ready to use to quickly tell people who you are and what type of job you want.
  • Remember that networking is about establishing relationships, not about asking people you don’t know very well for a job.
  • Make a list of all the people you know, prioritize it, and come up with a strategy to network with them.

“My Journey” also outlines some places to network. These include:

  • Joseph’s People meetings (there are 12 chapters, visit as many as you can)
  • Local networking clubs
  • Professional organization meetings
  • Alumni association events from the school where you graduated
  • Lectures, art shows, or any place where people gather
  • Volunteering for a non-profit group
  • Religious organization clubs and meetings

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