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Josephs’ People summarized guidance for job seekers within a single document we call “The Journey.” The Journey is available free to all Josephs’ People members. The perspective, guidance, and instruction cover all aspects for preparing, planning, and implementing a job search efficiently and effectively. As an organization that has supported job seekers through recessionary and through boom economic times, and provided guidance to members with a wide variety of background, education, interest, and objectives,  the guidance is based on “what works.” There are so many self-professed “experts” from recruitment, outplacement, human resources, and we found that the guidance we provide will serve most people well.

The Journey also shares other “truths” regarding job search in a manner that is truthful, helpful, and hopeful. While the method for job search preparation exploration matters a lot, other considerations also have great bearing on the results of one’s job search:

  • Openness and coachability to help provided by Joseph People volunteers and experts in the field of job search.
  • Accountability for one’s preparation, learning, achievement in doing the work necessary, and also for accountability at the thinking level as well.
  • Being courageous and in action to cause and create results

Job Seeker Handbook

A Handbook for Job Seekers to Navigate Out of Long-Term Unemployment.

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