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Joseph’s People began in 1995 and we have had more than 5,000 people graduate from our Programs. Our Mission is to support our members and their families overcome all of the challenges associated with being un/underemployed.

There are two important things that you need to know about Joseph’s People.

First, we have absolutely nothing to sell. We have no self interest in building a company or an empire. We exist simply to serve you and because of that, we can tell you what really works and what doesn’t without the pressure of profit. We are 100% run by volunteers, we have no paid staff. No paid offices.

Second, we care about YOU. We REALLY do care about you. We want you to be successful in obtaining that new job. We also want to be certain you have bread on your table and gas in your car and some emotional/mental health support…all the things that you could need to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. We do our best to provide you access to those kinds of resources. If you need a resource we don’t have or haven’t thought of, ask. Increasing our resources is always helpful..

Our program “My Journey” is here on the web site. It is interactive and reflects the experiences of the people who have been through our groups. We also had the help of experts in their fields who normally charge money for their services. They donated their expertise for free. We charge members nothing, zero and we pay nothing, zero to speakers or those who help us.

How to Join Joseph’s People

If you live in the Philadelphia Metro area, then find the Chapter nearest to you and come on in. Need info., just call or email. Live out of the area, then take part in our various electronic offerings. This web page, of course. We also maintain a group, a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group. All of these are places you can join and communicate with other Joseph’s People members who are also happy to help you.

To join any of these, go to the Joseph’s People Community page and follow the links provided.