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We celebrate our 24th year in May, 2018. We have had more than 5,000 graduate from Joseph’s People, who have gone on to meaningful work. Our Mission is to support our members and their families with all of the challenges associated with being un/underemployed.

Those who become members of Joseph’s People will learn the truth about successful job search methods, preparation and application, and we provide emotional, spiritual, and relationship support to people who sometimes feel quite alone and lost. Members receive access to all our resources, including “My Journey,” our copyrighted guide to finding and keeping the best job you ever had; Chapter meetings with professional speakers and opportunities to network and to grow and improve; direct Job Leads from the community to name a few things. To join, all you need do is attend one of our Chapter’s meetings and sign up. All are welcome.

The Big Tent

Members of Joseph’s People automatically become signed up for The Big Tent. This is a free service that we utilize to communicate with our members via email. At the Big Tent, you will find a listing of all of the members of Joseph’s People giving you the opportunity to network with them or reach out to them. You will also receive Big Tent announcements that contain information on  Chapter Speakers, or anything special going on so that you can participate. You will receive an invitation from Big Tent, that you must acknowledge it in order to be included. This is a requirement of Big Tent, so do not miss that or you will not be signed up.

LinkedIn: Join Our Group

We encourage you to join our LinkedIn Group. There are more than 800 Professionals that you can easily network with. We encourage all un/underemployed people to become active on LinkedIn. There are online courses on the site and your local library or CareerLink may hold very useful classes. This is a critical part of a modern job search and you will learn how to utilize it best in Chapter meetings.