Focused on God

“My Journey,” the booklet available for free at Joseph’s People chapter meetings, emphasizes that a job search is a spiritual journey. Some of our members even talk to spiritual directors or clergy to discuss how unemployment or underemployment is affecting their spiritual lives.

We have seen job seekers go through what some call “the wilderness” of looking for a job and successfully re-evaluate their priorities in life to come out a better person in the end. Aside from the practical considerations of how to find your next job, use the time to periodically reflect on these spiritual questions mentioned in “My Journey”:

  • Do you have a personal mission in life? How would you define? If not, why not create one?
  • Did you old job fit your personal values and mission in life? In what ways did it fit and in what ways did it not?
  • Do you have a spiritual community, a church home, synagogue or mosque that help to sustain you through difficult times? How might it help you? How might you help your community?
  • Could the additional time you now have be spent with family members? Or doing things you find fulfilling that you didn’t have to do while you were working?
  • What aspects of yourself would you like to work on?

As “My Journey” says, “You will be a different person after this transition.” So use the time to develop your spiritual life. Here are some other links about how to spiritually grow during a job search: