Top 10 Tips for Getting Things Done in the Home Office

Following our meeting on Monday night, we are posting a list of tips and advice that our members and volunteers generated during the course of the conversation about being efficient when working from home. The items listed below are listed in no particular order …

  1. Have  a dedicated space — with room for filing, storage and a suitable desk.
  2. If possible have a good view out the window, good lighting and nice things to look at on the wall. The idea is to make the office somewhere we look forward to going.
  3. Where possible, reserve your office equipment exclusively for work-related activities. This ensures that family members don’t accidentally break, remove or disable the tools we need to work.
  4. A well-fitted chair and a keyboard adjusted to the right height will help ensure that we maintain good posture when working. Good posture will help avoid back discomfort, pain and injuries.
  5. Be sure to track our time — mark down our activities throughout the course of the day so that we can see how much work we are really putting in each day.
  6. Relevant webinars can be an educational and inspirational way to engage with other professionals.
  7. Make time for daily exercise — getting to the gym, going for a walk or doing some sort of physical activity will help keep us healthy and focused.
  8. Attending daily Mass can offer the structure of a set schedule while focusing our minds on that which truly matters.
  9. Be active in seeking “in person” interactions. Find ways to network with colleagues and contacts in person, over lunch or coffee.
  10. Be careful when claiming for home use on taxes — it’s best to consult a professional on this topic.

BONUS TIP: Let our friends and family know our intended work schedule. Just because we’re at home does not mean that we are not working!

Many of our members emphasized one of the key benefits of working from home: fewer distractions and interruptions from colleagues looking for a little break from their day.

Of course, the above list is be no means exhaustive. What are your tips for productivity at home?  What do you see as the key benefits of working from home?

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