Paul Hilt shares networking gems with a grateful audience

In yet another well-attended and vibrant meeting of Joseph’s People at St. Elizabeth, Paul Hilt of Hilt & Associates shared his considerable insight into how to improve upon and succeed in our networking efforts. We knew we were likely to have a great event when we first posted the details of Paul’s presentation, but even those high expectations fell short of the event itself.

As generous with his time as he is with his knowledge, Paul has given us permission to post his handout from the session on this website as a PDF:

Standing Out in Your Networking Conversations (PDF: 17KB)

There was a real buzz among our members and volunteers following Paul’s presentation. One of our members, Bryan, was kind enough to share with us some of his thoughts on the presentation:

Monday night’s presentation by Paul Hilt was extremely helpful and provided me with several learnings:

  1. Don’t assume that executives you are networking with know everything going on in their industry. Your up-to-date knowledge of the industry and ability to communicate this to him or her could make the difference between you and others in landing a position.
  2. Don’t expect to get without giving! Show the person you are meeting with that you would be an asset to their company and be able to explain why. This may include an article you have written or survey you have done with others in the industry on how to handle a certain situation that might be helpful to the person you are networking with; now you look extremely valuable!
  3. Be yourself! Networking is a way for individuals to show their ability to communicate and share ideas in an informal setting. While you don’t want to let your guard down completely, make sure you are selling YOU and not who you wish you were!

Be sure to check out our meeting schedule to see when our next session is.  Clearly they are worth attending!